Barbados - Caribbean Island

Barbados is a small island developing state (SIDS) located in the Caribbean. It is part of the Lesser Antilles island group, located near the southern end of the Caribbean island chain. The country has experienced strong economic growth, mostly through tourism and offshore banking, which has contributed to its citizens' relatively high quality of life. As a small, low-lying island, Barbados is highly susceptible to the risks of sea level rise brought about by climate change.

On the southeast coast of Barbados is the lovely and relaxing Bottom Bay. This gorgeous white sand beach is a fantastic spot for a day trip or a picnic. The sound of waves crashing along the shore makes the perfect soundtrack for a relaxing afternoon. The swaying coconut palms create just the right amount of shade over the soft sand. Visitors can try their hand at surfing, though swimming is discouraged at some times of the year due to the strength of the waves. This beach is best for a day trip, as the nearest accommodation and restaurants are a couple miles away. Also close by to the south is the beautiful Crane Beach, another fantastic destination.

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